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Stereotypes are a very common practice. Every place in the world is famous for something. People recognize the place or the area with something they have in mind about it. For example, people remember Italy with Pizza or Italian dishes such as Pasta. They associate Canada with Maple Leaves and really nice people. Now we […]

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Italy is a stunning and country. Being home to the heritage of Rome and Romans, this place packs a kick of adventure, a dose of history, and lots of memories for all those who are willing to visit. In terms of tourism, Italy offers some absolutely breath-taking things for you to take home in your […]

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Art and Intent
31 March

Art is a beautiful thing and if you have an eye for it, you’ll find it everywhere. But is the way we perceive art right or wrong? It’s true that art is all about perception and one piece of artistic skill can mean different things to everyone. But the question is, how different? What is […]

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